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Who We Look For:
We are always seeking members who play for the love of the game, people who enjoy helping and sharing for the good of the commmunity.

How To Join:
There are two ways to become a member of the Psycho Nyts:

   1) An invitation by one of the members
   2) Challenge a member to a match and win

If you do not win, an invitation might be extended to you if you display skill and heart. However if you do win but do not demonstrated the qualities we desire we can not allow you to join.

How We Work:
We are a loose group of fun loving individuals, we have no central member of leader. Our top most members are the founders and the Tribunal, which is the governing body of the Psycho Nyts.

The Tribunal:
The Tribunal consists of the members that have been with us for the longest and the founders. They are the ones who shall pass judgment over any debates or disputes. Also the Tribunal members are the only ones who can officially induct a player into the Psycho Nyts. If there is any case of a member not up holding the code, there with holds the right to terminating them at thier discretion.

The Code:
There is a code all Psycho Nyts must uphold to be considered.
It is also the governing factors of our clan:

Treat all players with respect
   We were all newbies once, do not make fun of them.
   No matter what the outcome of the battle, always say good game.
   Do not use abousive language on players.
The use of foul language will not be tolerated in a game.
   Do not return foul language.
Respect the Tribunals Wishes.
   If you are asked to do something by the Tribunal, do your best to do so.
   The decisions of the Tribunal are made for the good of the community.
You are a member of this community, believe in it.
   If you coniser any decision a poor judgment, make your feelings known.
   The Tribunal members can make decisions with out the council, but they are never final.
You have a duty to this clan to be the best you can.
   This does not mean you have to win every game.
   This means play to the best of you ability.
   No matter how good you are, there is always someone better.
If you belong to this clan you may not join another.
   If you wish to leave us, please tell us.
   We will not hold any grudges.
   If you are in another clan and wish to join ours.
   You must leave the other first.